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Simone Fanecco – Corporate Marketing & Communication

I have always cultivated a growing passion in the search of connection point between different culture and the possibility of dialogue despite differences of thought and lifestyle. For this reason i studied Japanese which challenged my skills and developed my desire to increase my knowledge.

My studies have been oriented on cultural and mediation aimed at understanding the needs of customers in a multicultural context.

During my professional experiences I learned to aggregate human resources that differed from each other: cultural, personality and thoughts, in order to create participation, involvement and sharing of the same target as a team.

Professional Experience

Mediator at Japanese Expo stand. Event organizator and customers supporter.

Internship at Kobe Portopia Hotel, Japan. Event and conference organization, meeting with customers and Power Point presentation.

Internship at Imai wine cellar Kobe, Japan. Storage and order management.

Collaboration in the Organizational management and public relations for the Japanese Association “Orto dei Sogni” in Milan. Management activities during the summer camp in Sardinia for the children victims of the disaster in Fukushima.

Collaboration with the Japanese Association “Isola della speranza”. Management activities of the charitable art exhibitions, fundraising and cash management for the event “Charity Box for Japan”.