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We’re not afraid of challenges. On the contrary: each challenge we face is a source of new stimuli and realities; an opportunity to tackle new problems and dedicate our efforts to new, variegated and interesting projects. We’ve remained faithful to our original business principles despite all the change the world has experience in recent years.

Especially today, within a difficult and complex historical moment characterized by a financial-economic recession and strict credit rules imposed on the business system, we stand proudly alongside small- and medium-sized companies and the world of capital finance, debt management and risk in order to activate a just, loyal, correct and transparent synergy.

We respect the values of each company we work with. We are well aware of the difficulties inherent to each step in inter-generational change, as well as those connected to overcoming a turnaround phase.

We share in the enthusiasm and expectations of each business development project we decide to work on. No matter the context Linnet Consultant is involved in, our way of working is characterized by a perfect balance of four fundamental principles:

We maintain our independence from third parties, especially when the work at hand involves decisions concerning suppliers or other client partners.
Our consulting services evaluate all variables and risks. We provide an evaluation of business strategies that is truly autonomous with respect to client company ownership. These evaluations are based exclusively on an objective, technically-qualified point of view that shareholders and the board of directors can refer to when making their own decisions.
The skills we’ve acquired and the experience we’ve matured over many years in the business allow us to  offer consulting services in different business sectors.
The data and information we collect as part of the consulting services we supply are always treated as strictly confidential, and will never be shared with third parties in any way, shape or form.