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There are three kinds of companies in business:
those that work to make things happen;
those that observe what’s happening;
and those that wonder what will happen next

We are a team of managers and professionals who can vaunt consolidated experience and knowhow, enabling us to increase the value of a company through change, innovation and motivation of all the company resources involved in a project. We develop a sense of team spirit, putting all the skills necessary in each business context into play.

We have the knowhow necessary to provide strategic consulting and direct support for running a company, focusing on growing value inside client companies, developing their business, tackling challenges and accelerating the realization of strategies and organizational change. We follow  the innovation cycle of products and processes, taking advantage of opportunities in a global world and constantly evaluating risks.

We are results-oriented, focused on increasing cash flows while we search out competitive advantages and pay the highest possible level of attention to our client.

We are in close contact with private equity funds, business angels, venture capital funds and both private and public financial institutes, allowing us to support – where necessary – our clients’ projects.

  • We continuously invest in updating our theoretical and practical knowledge in business strategy, financials, risk management, management techniques, human resources, operations and business organization

  • We participate in events, work groups and associations that deal with innovation and research on the impact of new technologies and innovations in sector trends underway at both global and local levels, allowing us to bring new methodologies and advanced analytical tools into play, quickly satisfying our clients’ needs and priorities

Linnet Consultants also relies on collaboration from established professionals who can vaunt extensive operational experience in the following fields: